Hybrid workplace

COVID-19 has proven that the distributed workplace is possible in a crisis, now let's make flexible workplace productive for the long term.

Hybrid Workplace

The office building no longer holds the monopoly on accommodating office work. As every remote knowledge worker now realises, technology gives us the essential platform for connection and collaboration. When we loosen the organisation’s death-grip on presence as a proxy for productivity we can reinvent the settings that bring us together. And while the flow of work unfolds in the cloud, we also find ourselves looking more carefully at working from home and in our local community.

All-at-work is outdated! All-at-home is a public health mandate! The way forward is not a simple composite like a hybrid car. Knowledge workers need access to a portfolio of flexible work locations across home, community, and corporate office. Organisations need to rethink the ways work is orchestrated across teams over space and time.

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