Singing up Country.

For traditional life here on this continent for the First People, all knowledge was sung. "How do you become part of the continuation of the longest living cultures in the world, how do you do that? It's obvious. Music." Deborah Cheetham AO Every Sydney Philharmonia Choirs concert in 2022 will begin with a sung Acknowledgment…

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Melbourne Business School’s Carlton Hub Project

“This has completely changed the way the School thought about work and education.” Celeste Perfect, Strategic Projects Director Melbourne Business School. The home of Australia’s best MBA reinvents the learning experience in the heart of Melbourne’s innovation cluster. 2021 recap: Melbourne Business School has submitted a planning permit to develop a new building focused on…

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Charles Sturt University’s Vision for a New Theological Campus

A symbol of a world worth living in. "We want to explore the space where the circles overlap." Paul Dowler, CSU CFO   2021 recap: Two schools of Theology came together to develop the shared vision for a new centre for interfaith encounter that celebrates Muslim, Christian and Indigenous spirituality. A new building that embodies a…

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How SBS learned to be agile

"An amazing human experiment to reprogram relationships across the business groups." Martin Wright SBS Corporate Services. On-screen and behind the scenes - SBS wrings every last drop of value from its Artarmon HQ. 2021 recap: How does any building keep up with a public broadcaster? Over the past decade SBS has evolved from tape-based production…

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