Its a Yes according to Vroom-Yetton

I was a business student at the AGSM when Fred Hilmer, Helen Nugent, and Roger Collins were in their stride. The late Jeremy Davis kept everyone transfixed as he unraveled a case study like a Jedi. And I still remember Phil Yetton's lecture on management theories in the first semester of 1990. He recommended Robert…

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DEGW Archives: Paradise Lost and The Clever Developer

Backdrop of DEGW timeline
Parlour’s Sydney Summer salon at Hayball brought together UK academic Hiral Patel and Rebecca McLaughlan.  Hayball Principal Fiona Young and Hiral are co-authors of the third edition of Alastair Blyth and John Worthington’s “Integrative Briefing for Better Design”. Hiral has curated the DEGW archive at the University of Reading and she brought with her a…

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Back In Time For Mass

First published on the WATAC blog, February 27, 2023 The new parish priest at St Canice's in Kings Cross has upended the spatial experiment that shaped the community for the last two decades. Father David Braithwaite SJ wants to "mainstream" the church and reinstate traditional liturgical practices and observances that he claims have greater appeal…

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Singing up Country.

For traditional life here on this continent for the First People, all knowledge was sung. "How do you become part of the continuation of the longest living cultures in the world, how do you do that? It's obvious. Music." Deborah Cheetham AO Every Sydney Philharmonia Choirs concert in 2022 will begin with a sung Acknowledgment…

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