Learning futures

How do we design for the next generation of students and support the current generation of teachers?

Learning futures

Thanks to technology, complexity and personalisation, the single classroom is going the way of the executive office.

“Schools are full of things that our descendants will look back on and laugh out loud at: ringing a bell and expecting 1,000 teenagers to be simultaneously hungry; putting 25 children together in a box because they were born between two Septembers; assessing children based on how well they work alone; and so on.”

The End of Education Is the Dawn of Learning (fastcompany.com)

The upheaval in education has only been accelerated by the disruption of remote learning in COVID-19. Campus managers globally are posing existential question of the value of space beyond Instagram.

DEGW’s global experience echoed the first principles approach developed in workplace planning. The design research toolkit developed for the office provides an accessible and engaging way to bring a wider community together to focus on future education scenarios.

This has enabled small and large scale interventions within learning settings of all types, including universities, colleges, schools, libraries, laboratories, research centers, corporate learning centers, museums and community facilities.

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